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Design Façades

Design Façades

The design façades prioritize aesthetic versatility over technical demand, while maintaining the basic properties. Through the use of our standard componentry, the Design Façade system allows for the maximum amount of versatility by the utilizing our unique forms and compatible tools to give designers the building blocks for a facade that is their own.

As there are many options within this type of façade group we differentiate with our own product portfolio in the following manner:

A. One dimensional façades

A singular form repeated through the entirety of the façade. 

B. Multidimensional or volume façades

These façades integrate slats with a mixture of multiple dimensions in order to create depth and variety. The distribution of the different slats in this type of façades may be response to technical demands and/or purely aesthetic considerations.

C. Dynamic façades

Fácil Façades considered various options in the development of its dynamic façades program. It is tailored for personalized projects and can be molded to the budget in any combination of free air and integrated slat models. The characteristics to be considered are:

  • Color combinations
  • Slat dimensions
  • A modulated or random pattern
  • Smooth and/or perforated textures
  • Distance in-between the slats (please discuss with representative as there are set limitations)
  • The integration of intelligent systems

As with our Technical facades, our Dynamic façades always balance functional and technical goals. As with all of our systems, the distribution of free areas, the location of the slats, the combination of shapes,  can all be used in response to the desired visual transparency, airflow, or solar protection. Dynamic façades integrate all of these characteristics in new, unique and effective designs.