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Technical Ventilated Façades
Press-in-place systems

The Ell model proposes three separation options between slats depending on the degree of coverage and aeration-free surface required for each project and investment available.

The tests performed on the product in reference to the volume of water infiltration recommend its installation without separation between slats to guarantee maximum efficiency values in terms of pressure drop and coverage of the installed space.



The engineering and design of the aeration louvers efficiently meet the flow (inlet / outlet) of ventilation required by the air conditioning equipment that demands minimum levels in the pressure drop values, while guaranteeing the visual coverage of them.


The installation of press-in-place systems offers several benefits: 

  • The benefits inherent to the ventilated façade 
  • A variety of models 
  • One dimensional and multidimensional design options 
  • Multiple combinations to create dynamic sights 
  • Ample response to technical demands 
  • Light weight, high wind load resistance > 249 km (155 miles)/hour 
  • Avoids oxidation risks 
  • Facilitates aligning the slats 
  • Reduces installation times 
  • Offers a wide price range 


Download the technical documents related to this product: