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Plane Perforated

Technical Ventilated Façades
Press-in-place systems

Fixed louver solar control systems are designed to limit the direct solar incidence on the glazed surfaces, improve the thermal performance of the glass due to the shading capacity of the slat and maintain high levels of visual transfer from the inside.

The perforated Plane system gives the facade an opaque appearance from the outside, while from the inside, the perforated skin practically disappears being completely translucent. On the other hand, as the sun sets we will begin to perceive the gaps in the facade and the appearance of the facade is transformed by acquiring a different dynamism that is typical of these architectural applications.



Solar control slats are designed to limit the direct incidence of natural light. They reduce the temperature inside the installed areas and favor transparency, allowing the user to enjoy a high degree of vision.


The installation of press-in-place systems offers several benefits: 

  • The benefits inherent to the ventilated façade 
  • A variety of models 
  • One dimensional and multidimensional design options 
  • Multiple combinations to create dynamic sights 
  • Ample response to technical demands 
  • Light weight, high wind load resistance > 249 km (155 miles)/hour 
  • Avoids oxidation risks 
  • Facilitates aligning the slats 
  • Reduces installation times 
  • Offers a wide price range 


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