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Technical Ventilated Façades
Press-in-place systems

Traditional form Z that proposes a highly aesthetic design engineering that privileges the protagonism of the slat by hiding behind it, the supports or slat holders.

The supports or louver holders are equally stamped to facilitate the anchoring of the louvers at the level without the need to use fastening screws or oppressors that can be loosened or oxidized due to exposure to environmental agents.

The Z slats can be separated from each other by project variables to generate a greater aeration surface or natural light input to the detriment of rainwater ingress and greater exposure to the outside view.



The coverage slats have as main objective to restrict the views and limit the entry of natural light, rainwater and air into the installed area, in addition to providing aesthetic value to a facade.


The installation of press-in-place systems offers several benefits: 

  • The benefits inherent to the ventilated façade 
  • A variety of models 
  • One dimensional and multidimensional design options 
  • Multiple combinations to create dynamic sights 
  • Ample response to technical demands 
  • Light weight, high wind load resistance > 249 km (155 miles)/hour 
  • Avoids oxidation risks 
  • Facilitates aligning the slats 
  • Reduces installation times 
  • Offers a wide price range 


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