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Foil 120

Technical Ventilated Façades
Mechanical Assembly Systems

Foil 120 is a 120mm aircraft wing louvers proposal that offers a complete system of architectural solutions based on different installation options. A complete range of accessories is specially designed to generate a wide range of options for solar control, visual and thermal comfort.

Foil 120 slats act as a sunshade, which not only protects the building and its interior from solar radiation, but also can regulate its intensity, which combined with the air conditioning system help to provide thermal comfort to the interior of the building .

Foil 120 Mobile

The slats rotate up to 138º following the circadian cycle of the sun, and in vertical layout installations the direction of the slats can be selected according to the orientation of the facade.

Foil 120 incorporates in its design ABS side plugs to facilitate smooth sliding of the slats and eliminate friction between metal profiles avoiding oxidation points that affect the movement mechanism.

The facilities can be designed with manual mechanisms where you can access your movement from the inside or motorized when the needs of the project or its use so require.

We have intelligent systems that offer the designer the possibility of orienting the position of the slats according to the sun, wind, rain or a specific schedule.



Solar control slats are designed to limit the direct incidence of natural light. They reduce the temperature inside the installed areas and favor transparency, allowing the user to enjoy a high degree of vision.


The option to install the slats by means of a mechanical assembly was developed to address the necessities of large glass surfaces, where a clean look with a limited number of vertical supports is called for in order to preserve a major visual transparency.

The mechanical attachment of the slats to the building structure is done by means of pincers that stick out of the flat surface of the structure. The installation of the slats in various inclination grades limits the direct solar impact and projects shadows onto the building envelope, resulting in a temperature reduction in the building.

Another option is to install side plates on the interior of the structure. These are offered in various designs so as to create different façade design patterns.


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